All of Sudden, Masks became essential to our daily life. However, a shortage occurred. You can’t get them at Home-Depot, Lowes or Target. They are all sold out. Amazon backorders your masks to late May while eBay is selling disposable face masks for 69.99 for 50 pieces. Unless you want to sew a cloth mask yourself, you just can’t get it.

We live in the Bay Area, where every company has a mission to disrupt an industry in order to make the world a better place. Nevertheless, under a pandemic, we have a mask shortage while it’s required in public. This doesn’t even make sense to us.

So, here we are, not attempting to disrupt anything, just trying to get people quality masks during Covid-19. We use our connections to get the whole bulk quality masks from China. All the masks we sell have the CE standard approved and quality we trusted.

Last not least, two things. First, a cloth mask can hardly filter viruses and minuscule particles. It can only cut down on some large respiratory droplets from a cough or sneeze. Secondly, to eBay, selling a product half price than your paid merchant is not price gouging. Only worrying about PR and ad revenue is kind of stupid during a pandemic.

By the way, every 10 masks we sell, we will donate 1 to Oakland/Emeryville/Berkeley community. We will be here until the pandemic ends. Then, we will all go back to our start-ups to make the world a better place.

Fiat Lux & Go Bears

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